Monday, October 26, 2009

Half term holiday

Half term is now half way through as it lasts a mega two weeks this time around. We had a rocky start as the children had head colds and the heating decided to go on strike, so the first two days were spent shivering as we waited to have a bit of heat. We did manage to do some crafty activities. The eldest two had to create a jar full of Christmassy things that will be collected and raffled off, so carrier bag from Thorntons at the ready I piled the table high with various craft buts. There were 3D decoration as templates and stickers, wool, crepe paper and so on and so on. They did a pretty good job of them, although Heather had to be persuaded that drawing Baby Jesus as a banana was perhaps not the best idea. The end results were impressive though, even if I do say so myself and most importantly we stuck to the rules and I didn't help them!

The next thing we tackled was some Halloween crafts, each child made a little cat with those wonderful googly eyes they seem to love so much and you folded its bottom into a basket, which if they are lucky may be filled up with some sweet treats.

The rest of the week was spent with a variety of study books, running about, walks in the autumn sunshine and a party. The kids have loved the attention and this week we have another plan, have a trip planned to the local farm and a Halloween party, as well as fitting in some baking and crafts.

The highlight for Heather however will be the trip to the 02 on Saturday to see Princess wishes on ice. She has been wanting to go for ages and now her wish has been granted, so to speak, she is going to dress up in her Ariel dress and Aurora shoes and will be in her element I'm sure. Half term does give me the opportunity to relax with the children rather than always marshalling them out of the door on our way to somewhere. Looking forward to the next few days.

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gaelikaa said...

You seem to be doing really well with your kids. I envy you. I'm not very together these days.