Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Grown Up Weekend

This weekend was somewhat of a topsy turvey one for me, I spent lots of time without any of the children, and despite my initial fears that I may not be able to walk for long periods of time without a pushchair in front of me I found myself able to cope!
It all started fairly normally with a trip with Heather to dancing, and then instead of my usual solitary trip to Starbucks to write I was accompanied by Lucy, we still went to Starbucks and shared a cookie, then we went and found Halloween outfits!

Dancing finished we were homeward bound and then off I went to have my hair highlighted, current book in hand for 45 minutes of uninterrupted reading, not only that but I had a hot cup of tea and a biscuit without having to worry if the cup was out of reach of small hands and without having to share the biscuit! Back home to Mummy duty, this time a party for Heather, a very loud party and although they all enjoyed themselves, I had to confess myself somewhat glad, for my ears sake when it was finished, I guess that means I'm getting old although I am still with it enough to recognise most of the songs that were played at full volume!

Having managed to drive Mr T's car back in the dark and without stalling, it was a quick change, grab a trowel time for the war paint and off out again. The little two were in bed and Heather was watching Strictly Come Dancing, she did cry when I left and I felt a terrible twinge of guilt but I knew that when she realised I was going she would be OK with Mr T and enjoy having his undivided attention. Saturday night was spent, for the first time in ages, having a meal which was cooked for me, hot and where I didn't have to constantly tell children to sit down and behave! The night was passed with great friends and a lot of laughter and it was good to be me for a few hours rather than Mummy!

Sunday dawned bright and early as it was my turn to do the whole getting up thing. Once I had awakened Mr T with his tea and the children had jumped on him sufficiently I was off again - this time to the shops to try and re-vamp my wardrobe. Again no children in tow and it was odd entering the shops without the calls for a toilet stop, balloon or drink, and where was I going to out all the bags?
I revelled in the freedom trying on more clothes than was strictly necessary, just because I could and going into shops that I would normally pass lest the glare of the shop assistant as I enter with a buggy should cut me in half. Instead when I entered these shops I was positively welcomed and asked if I needed any help. As I wandered around I couldn't help noticing families at war, children whining and parents despairing. That's usually me I thought and was glad the children were at home having fun. I must admit I paid a trip to the Disney store and bought a small little something for them all.

By the time I got home my feet were aching and I was exhausted but as I entered the house and a shout of Mummy rang round the living room and I was accosted by two little people, the third being asleep in bed I was content. As lovely as it had been to go out it was even lovelier to come home to such a greeting. The necessary fashion show was performed and the gifts distributed. Mummy duty returned with a vengeance as the ironing pile threatened to reach the ceiling and took three hours to tame! I have to admit though I was rather tired, all this being an adult is a bit too much like hard work!


Anonymous said...

hi Mel!

gaelikaa said...

One great plus point of living in India -you can send out your ironing really cheap! Hi Mel, been catching up on your posts, been so out of circulation lately.