Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mummy, do you know what Daddy calls you...

I was innocently preparing the children for school- popping dishes into the dishwasher and so on when Heather pipes up;
'Mummy, you know when you do things that Daddy doesn't like.'
I sense danger in the air judging from the direction the conversation seems to be heading but give a wary 'hmmm.'
'Well do you know what he says?'
Now I am interested and worried, what if she is about to say something horrid that shouldn't come out of the mouth of little girls who are not even five yet!
'No' I say lightly, 'What does he say?'
'He says you're a silly cow' she says triumphantly, and then adds, 'but I don't think you are.'
Always on the alert for brownie points, she hasn't finished yet though!
'I think you should call him a silly horse though.' Clearly she hasn't mastered the fine art of insults yet but nevertheless a useful insight into what MR T really thinks.
He was embarrassed enough to blush when I asked him about it but vowed that Heather was in big trouble for grassing.
As one of my friends commented, 'How long will it be before someone comes calling once Heather blurts out at school that her Dad was going to get her for grassing and that he calls her mum a silly cow?
In other new my book Tumbling Through Life has now appeared on Amazon with it's cover and is ready to order, exciting but nauseating as well!


Leigh Russell said...

Congratulations, Mel. How exciting! I'm off to Amazon right now to check you out. If you're book's anything like your blog, it'll be great.

Thames said...

Cute story. I wonder what my husband says about me!

I'll look out for the book...

Also, you might want to put some of your old posts in Thames Valley Mums, it's a good way to get new readers (and links for your book).