Monday, May 9, 2011


Sometimes life simply isn't exciting, there is nothing particular happening, the kids are at school, there are the usual run of the mill tasks to complete and running the house and family seems to take up an inordinate amount of time. This weekends project was re-gravelling the drive. It has to qualify as one of the most boring jobs ever. The most exciting part was the delivery itself, the huge bags arrived on a lorry with a crane. As we have oaks on the drive with tree preservation orders swinging a crane through them was going to be difficult. In the end we settled for the kerb just off the driveway, the whole 3ton!

Several people passed as I struggled up and down the driveway with the wheelbarrow filled with gravel and Lucy trailing behind me with her plastic play wheelbarrow. Most of them advised me I would need something bigger to shift it. By the time it was time to get the kids from school the bag had a dent in it. Luckily the weather was lovely and with the help of the three little ones we managed to make good progress. After that Mr T arrived home, between us with a little Laurel and Hardy esque fooling about we managed to drag the bag up onto the driveway. By the evening with team work from our neighbours we managed to do the whole lot. The end result a gravel-tastic driveway that will probably end up driving us mad as the kids redistribute it all over the place, but despite appearing to be the most tedious of tasks, we had fun, weird!


The wife of bold said...

Sounds very productive to me and i bet the kids had a ball!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Glad you had a nice time. But whoa, everything is still boring out here :(

AVY said...

Sometimes boring is all you have.

/ Avy