Monday, May 2, 2011

Y is for Yesterday and Z is for Zoo

Yesterday (well not quite now but it was when I wrote the post and failed to upload it) was the royal wedding. It was lovely, there was flag waving, romance and street parties. I vaguely remember a street party which involved eating party rings, wearing union jack bowler hats and sitting outside and not being very sure why.

Ours was lovely, having had a wonderful breakfast party with terrific friends who put up with my three very excited children we watched a very nervous Prince William depart for and arrive at the abbey. Then we were off, despite Lucy falling over en route to the car we just about managed to get home to see Catherine set off and Heather was entranced by the whole thing. Matthew watched most of it but Lucy stole my phone and disappeared off to play fairies or something like that. She arrived back towards the end and declared that she liked princesses and watched the carriage journey.

As soon as they were safely ensconced at the palace everyone was outside carrying tables and chairs, hanging bunting or balloons and preparing the music for the party. Then we all dashed in to watch the kiss on the balcony. We were lucky enough to see the jets that did the fly past as they came over our house much to the excitement of the kids.

At about 2pm we all took our food and drink out and the children spent the rest of the day bouncing on the castle, climbing on the climbing frame and when they were pooped out doing some colouring. They touched base with us once in a wall to eat and drink and once Grandma and Grandpa arrived they bossed them about as well. It was a great opportunity to get to know our neighbours who we hadn't seen much of. All in all a great day.

Z is for Zee end

Ok so the zee is a bit of a cheat! But it is the end of the a-z blogging challenge. I am proud to have in the main persevere and got to the end and it definitely was a challenge, not only coming up with topics that related to the letter of the day but also remembering to post on a regular basis, when often I only get 1-2 posts completed a week!

On a totally different note today the US declares that Osama Bin Laden was dead and around the world people were celebrating. Whilst it may be good news that he is dead, it has to be said that 'the war on terror' is far from over. If anything his death will inflame more terrorist attacks in retaliation. Rumours are already circulating that somewhere in Europe there is a bomb just waiting to be detonated, that it wasn't really him, although hopefully the DNA results will dispel the doubters.

I still think that there will be forthcoming plots and we will still hear reports of foiled terrorist plots, one man's death doesn't kill his legacy and while I do not share his politics or ideas in anyway, there are many who do and will step up to fill the void now left.

I am hoping that the world can be a safer place as that is what I want for my children, a place where they don't have to be afraid about who is planning what against the place they live just because of their nationality. After all none of us plan where we are born, we can't choose our parents and so we should seek to negotiate where we can, after all I was taught we were all created equally and should treat others as we wish to be treated. These days this seems idealistic, even naive but who knows maybe one day we can learn to tolerate difference and get along with one another without having to resort to war - just watch kids in a playground, many of them highly skilled at negotiation and manipulation - maybe we could learn a thing or two!

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Anonymous said...

I loved the royal wedding... It was awesome! And the bride's dress was amazing!

...And as you said , the war on terror is definitely not over.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)x