Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Happy Ever After

I sometimes wish I could go into the minds of the kids. I am sure I was the same when I was there age but for them the majority of the time life is just one big happy ever after. Of course school gets in the way but in the main they get to choose how to spend their time, they have a wealth of toys, lots of books, puzzles and arts and crafts activities and not to mention the garden.

Of course they are lucky in the sense that they have loads that they can do and a garden big enough for them all to play in, others are not so lucky. Perhaps that is why very occasionally I get a little upset with what seems to be just a series of moans or complaints as I haven't dealt with their latest request immediately. Indeed often being a parent is a thankless task, you can work hard to keep them entertained in the holidays and as soon as one activity is finished, or you get home from a day out or finish cooking them the chorus comes; what are we doing now? Where are we going? What's for dinner and so on...

What makes it all worthwhile, cuddling up with the kids to watch a film or their favourite program, seeing them get excited about something, but the best thing is when they look at you and just say 'I love you.' That really is happy ever after.

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