Monday, March 14, 2011

Long time no blog

Here I am again at last wondering where the last six weeks have gone. First there was the unpacking, then there was the whole moving and then came the dreaded unpacking. For nearly a fortnight we had no internet and I was amazed at how much I had come to rely upon it for shopping, contacting people and generally keeping up to date. Whilst a large volume of boxes kept me busy I was OK but once I had unpacked, sorted and re-arranged until I could do it no more I began to really miss being on-line.

Finally we did get up and running and it was time to catch up with OU work and organise Lucy's third birthday and the house. The jobs seemed to mount up and we realised that going from a smaller to a bigger house was going to be more expensive than we first thought.

Several lights and pairs of curtains later we were getting somewhere, next came the kitchen table and chairs, a sideboard for the dining room and a filing cabinet for the office. We are determined that now we will have a tidy house, unfortunately the children are just as convinced that it won't be. They each have their own bedrooms as well as the conservatory but even so there has been some toys creeping into the living room which I keep trying to banish.

Matthew now has his first big boys bed, he chose it himself from a whole load and has enjoyed sleeping in it, he looks a lot smaller now as he was getting rather too big for his toddler bed. It makes me realise how quickly they are growing up.

This weekend was Lucy's third birthday, sadly it didn't all go to plan as Lucy managed to get a sickness bug the Wednesday before which she shared with Matthew so we had to cancel most of our visitors to ensure that we didn't spread any germs around. We are going to hold a belated birthday tea this coming weekend, we did manage to get her a bike which she is delighted with and Heather had visited build a bear with me and made her a bear with a Tinkerbell costume. She loved her Belle cake and had great fun spreading glitter everywhere in the conservatory which is now in little trails all over the house.

The list of jobs hasn't seemed to shrink at all but we are enjoying all the lovely space we have here and our new neighbours are friendly and welcoming, the roadworks that appeared two weeks after we moved in and that have cut off the gas and water on subsequent Fridays could have been done without but on the whole we are all happy. Lucy is proud to have her own room and Matthew is delighted to be able to have all his train track out in his room and not have to pick it up ten minutes later because it is in the way.

Still despite the hard work and stress of moving, illnesses and birthdays I still count myself lucky when I think of those caught up in the earthquake, tsunami and devastation in Japan.

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mum in meltdown said...

Good grief moving is stressful enough without kids let alone with 3! So well done. And why is it at every party, family get together, birthday, christmas one of the kids are always ill? We spent Christmas in a flu haze and no one really remembers the day.... but its not really one you can repeat so here's hoping for next year!