Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Such a lot seems to have happened since my last blog.
Heather and I went on our annual visit to the O2 to see Strictly Come Dancing. Heather was very excited and she had watched the show in its entirety. She was thrilled to be seeing her favourites, sadly her very top favourite Kara Tointon was unwell and not performing. Despite her disappointment she enjoyed the show, joined in when encouraged to do so and loved every pulsating moment. She is already counting the weeks until we can watch it again.

At last we are on the move, next Monday is moving day, after a variety of twists and turns resembling a roller-coaster we finally exchanged contracts on Friday. The children are ridiculously excited and counting the sleeps and all I can dream about are piles and piles of unlabelled cardboard boxes. It is a daunting task as having lived here for nine and a half years and accrued an enormous amount of junk it isn't simply a case of hiring a van and driving ourselves.

We have accepted that for a while things will be a bit higgledy piggeldy, curtains and lights won't necessarily match but we will have the space we need. Sorting out has helped us to both de-clutter and re-discover old treasures. Various things have begun to be packed up and lists and plans have been made for the new house, slowly it all seems to be coming together and the weekend will be filled with removal people filling boxes for us and taking all non-essentials before the big day.

It has to be said moving is scary, exciting as well but daunting in a huge way. Having lived in this house for such a long time and got to know the neighbours and all the little short cuts and so on I feel an attachment to this house. It was from here that I left to get married, it was where I left to have all three of my children and the only home they have known so far. I will miss this house and it will be a wrench, of course a new chapter opens as the previous one closes and life is an adventure but even so, sometimes I have wanted to say stop, we'll stay here after all, it may be getting on the small side but I'm sure we can get rid of a few things.

We will be in the land of the eighties for while, no internet and possibly for a few days no land line, at first this seemed like a disaster, I mean it wasn't even clear if SKY would work straight away, apparently it will and the kids reassured that their supply of Hannah Montana, Phineas and Ferb and Mickey Mouse would remain un-interrupted couldn't care less. So bring on the boxes, I think we're ready!


SueO said...

Hi Mel! We lived in our house for fourteen years and left it to move 1000 miles to live in Colorado. It was very difficult since we moved ourselves, having not hired a moving company, but it was completely worth it. My advice - whether moving long distance or around the block - is to give away or throw away as much nonessentials as possible! :)

Enjoy the future. Change is good. Adventure quickens the pulse.

Catharine Withenay said...

I hope the move went well. I know it is a stressful time, and the days/weeks/even months after are difficult with getting settled again. I hope your new house soon feels like home and wish you all the best.

Mel said...

Thanks to you both, we are getting there, 3 weeks without internet felt like living in the wilderness.