Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

The New Year has been ushered in with a blaze of noise and colour and it was lovely to watch the fireworks in London on the TV, even if the ones locally did wake Matthew and ensured he saw the New Year in with us. I can't help thinking back 11 years to a flat in Pimlico, where I had just been to a party, one that would change my life as I had just met my future husband. We had stayed up talking most of the night after sharing a snog under the fireworks and a rather large amount of fireworks. I had insisted after he asked for my number that he had to ask in the morning when we were both more soer and he did.

What followed was a few months of late night phone calls, often resulting in banging on the wall from my family who weren't as interested in my new romance as I was. What with teacher training and working at the weekends I don't know how I even fitted it in but by Easter I was living with James and the following Christmas he proposed. I had never really believed in fate before but the randomness of me going to the party, ending up walking with James to watch the fireworks after getting separated from my other friends and us clicking so well seems like it was meant to be.

Three kids and a lot of ups and downs later we are still together and preparing to move our family to a bigger house in the New Year, fingers crossed. Lucy will start going to nursery school in September and Heather will be in Year 3 not forgetting Matthew will turn 5, a lot of big events to look forward to already.

This brings us to the resolution list but this year I am not making any, I always try to be the best wife, mum and friend to those around me. I have given up calorie counting, I am happy with my weight and even if I did lose any I can't afford to replace my wardrobe and we can't all be super models, I always bemoan the fact that I don't read, write or study enough and aim to do better and I still want to learn to play the piano as the two tunes I know don't even impress the kids any more as Heather now has a bigger repertoire.

As we are due to move I am not writing seriously until then as I will be busy packing and unpacking, in the mean time with the help of James I am trying to re-vamp my website as I want to include this blog, samples of my writing for both adults and children and so on in one place. I am also aiming to complete a few cross stitch projects as the children want Princess Belle, Marie the cat and Lightening MCQueen for their new rooms when we move so that will take a fair bit of time as well as the OU courses I am still studying, not a lot then!

What I have resolved though is to make the most of what I have, have fun with my family and give them a wealth of experiences and happy memories. I am not going to keep setting goals but rather get on with scoring them! Enjoy 2011 everyone and I hope your wishes come true.

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