Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

So the big man has been for another year. Boxes, the odd bit of wrapping paper and this highly irritating silver coloured ties used to secure toys into boxes adorn the living room showing the signs of three happy children. The Tv is on but no-one is watching it. Noise indicates they are playing with their new toys and the constant question;

'can you open this?' is repeated as they move from one new toy to another eager to explore their new things. They were fairly restrained getting up at 630 is not uncommon. They had their stockings and then the special golden boxes Santa had left for them. These had been provided by a special friend and the kids were enchanted, not only were their names embossed on the boxes but on the silver train inside along with the dare we had travelled on the Santa special. The ticket with believe on made the image complete as they rang the bells to show they did believe. that moment captured what it was about, the magic and innocence of childhood, the ability to believe in a fantastic story and allow yourself to be carried away by it.

As we sat down to dinner and surveyed the toy shop our living room had become it struck me how lucky we are. The children had been lucky enough to receive a vast array of gifts from friends and family, they have no idea that some children would give anything to receive just a fraction of what they had. A lot of people we know have not had such a good year and it made me think about how lucky we are to have three healthy children, friends and family around us and with luck a new home in the new year. Without doubt for me has to be the best Christmas present if them all.

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