Monday, September 20, 2010

Tired out

Matthew has now completed about two weeks in reception. He seems immensely proud of his hat, blazer and book-bag and definitely feels like a big boy now he is at school all day. He is bursting to tell me who he has played with, what he has eaten and what he has been doing at school when I pick him up, this has had the great effect of eliciting more information from Heather about her day as well.

He is just beginning the journey to reading and writing and this week when we were doing his homework he took great delight in showing me that he could write all the numbers up to ten himself. He enjoys reading us his reading books and today he bought one home that was made up of his sight words. As soon as he sat in the car, knowing we had to wait for Heather he announced that he could read his book and did I want him to show me. Of course I agreed and so he duly read all 12 words or so to me, pointing to all the words as he went and looking very proud of himself. As soon as we were all home he was eager to show Heather that he could read his book as well. He loves impressing her and despite their love/hate relationship looks up to her so that when he wins her approval it means something to him. She was great with him and gave him lots of encouragement and he puffed up with pride.

At bedtime he recapped some of the things he had enjoyed doing and I asked if he was enjoying reception;
'Yes I like my friends and seeing Heather and Miss ***'
'That's great and do you like doing all your work.'
'Yes but it is a bit hard, if we finish we can play but then I am tired out. Playtime is hard too as I run about all the time and I'm all tired now.'

I am really pleased he is enjoying school and hope it continues for a long time.

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