Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My first week of freedom

Last Thursday, the kids went back to school. For two days between the hours of 9 and 3 I had complete freedom as Lucy was at nursery and the other two were at school. Monday to Wednesday I had Lucy, but in general, she is amenable to going out and about, so what did I do with all this time? The answer is not a lot.

There was the usual housework that took up some time each day, Thursday just felt wrong, the house was tidy, quiet and empty. It seemed as if all the life that had filled it over the previous two months had been stolen away. I have to admit the TV went on for a bit of background noise and Facebook was a good way to while away the hours. It was very odd, I had been looking forward to this day for a few weeks, especially since the weather had turned and the kids had been fighting.

I did eventually settle to some writing, but in some ways it was a relief when the clock rolled around to picking up time. Friday was better, I did more writing and spent less time watching the clock worrying about what they would be having for dinner and if they would be have a friend to play with and even if they liked their new teachers.

Monday came and after a school gate chat we had the excitement of the grocery delivery, imagine the excitement as you open the bags to discover exactly what you ordered, as this proved to be the highlight of the day, other then Heather's first piano lesson I decided I had to get out more. So I did, on Tuesday Lucy and I went shopping. Lucy enjoyed choosing things with various characters on and I failed to choose a new handbag, and then after school was the mad dash over to horse riding!

Today Lucy and I enjoyed a coffee with some friends after running some errands and then spent some time filling in a magazine she insisted on having with stickers and colouring.

Tomorrow then is my next proper day of freedom and what will I be doing? Well there is the road safety walk which Heather is going on first thing and then a trip to a riding school to see if they have any weekend availability as fitting everything in the evenings is proving tricky and Matthew is desperate to do tennis which clashes at the moment. Indeed I dread Lucy going to school and deciding which after school activities she would like as every night other then Friday is booked up at the moment and I think top of my Christmas list at the moment is a set of juggling plates and spinning plates! Don't even get me started on the homework...

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