Monday, February 22, 2010

Half term yuk!

I was looking forward to half term, Mr T was having a few days off and we were going to do lots of exciting things with the children and decorate Heather's room.
It started well enough, on Monday we headed off to an indoor play centre and the kids raced around for a couple of hours with some friends and had a great time. Tuesday was taken up with Lucy's very first visit to nursery, she seemed to like it and had fun pulling all the puzzles out. Heather and Matthew enjoyed nosing around as well and seeing where their sister would be spending some of her time from March. Then we headed to the hairdressers to get them all shorn, so far so good, the rain had even called a temporary halt and something not often sighted had appeared in the sky!

For Wednesday I had booked tickets for myself and Heather to go and see The princess and the frog I was looking forward to some quality time with Heather, but Lucy upon waking was promptly ill.
We did make it to the cinema, Lucy was left to the care of Mr T, we even got to BandQ to get paint for Heather's room as we had promised to freshen it up. In the days that followed Lucy continued to be ill, Heather was on Friday, hence MR T taking just Matthew to the transport museum in London instead of the family day we had planned.

Still Heather's room is now pink, she now has Disney Princess accessories and the only thing that remains is for me to do a couple of cross stitch kits featuring the princesses and the delivery of a clock with her name on and all the lovely ladies! She is very pleased with it and it is much more Heather than the yellow that preceded it! London we hope and the history museum can wait until the Easter holidays!

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