Monday, February 8, 2010

Fairy School, Strictly and Valentine ball

We have had a very busy weekend.
It began with a visit for Heather to fairy school and if you have a little girl in the right age bracket that loves fairies I can highly recommend it. You arrive and are ushered into a room with lots of other excited little girls until a fairy comes to collect them. Then they are taken off and dressed as fairies. They learn a special fairy dance, have a tea party, have their photos taken and then decorate a picture frame to bring their picture home. They learn what different colours mean in fairyland and that fairy snow is blue! Finally they adopt a baby fairy and have a piece of cloud so she can come and visit as well as a special glowing stone to show you when your fairy is visiting. Parents can stay and help themselves to the tea, coffee and biscuits provided or sneak of for two hours of peace and quiet. At the end we all went and watched the fairy dance they had been learning and the sea of smiling faces was quite something! Heather has already asked if she can go again, and a bargain as I got of with my nectar points (also available through virgin!)

The evening was a rare night out for myself and Mr T, ON OUR OWN! Well with lots of our friends as we went to a valentines ball, it was great fun, there was a tribute to Michael Jackson, great food, the thrill of table bingo, wine, an auction and dancing, and oh yes wine! I didn't drive instead I was chauffeured by Mr T. Luckily when we did arrive home at about 1am I was still standing, even in my heels that had a rare outing.

Sunday dawned and with it the trip to the 02 for the Strictly matinee accompanied by Heather and Grandma. With the absence of any trains travelling to Stratford I drove and was amazed how well I found it. Only one little mishap when I took a short cut through a bus lane but nevertheless there in one piece. The show was wonderful, full of the excitement and flair of the telly but up close! It is amazing how quickly the dancers move. The highlight for Heather though was at the end, all the dancer wave to the audience and as we were on the end of the row, and everyone was standing Heather couldn't see so we let her stand in the aisle. Chris Hollins waved to her, she didn't wave back until he pointed her and waved again, when she realised he was waving at her the biggest smile came across her face, he is one of her favourites and he made a little girl very happy.

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diney said...

Hi - just popped in to see you! We went to see Strictly on Saturday, and loved it too! Chris H was great, but it was Mark Ramp who won at our show! Fantastic fun! Perhaps you'll call round and see me at my place soon.