Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Here it is, all shiny and new 2010!
No-one knows what lies ahead but still I can't help feeling optimistic at the start of a new year, clean slate and opportunity to change and all that - even though I could, if I chose do this at any time we all seem to select Jan 1st as the time to make these changes.

So here goes,
My writing has suffered over the past year, the novel which I was three chapters through in February has not progressed much further and all those short stories I was going to write have remained but ideas in the notebook. So this year I am going to attempt to actually write every day, read every day other than holidays and sick days like a proper working person!

Having said that I am going to do more with my kids, I have got quite good at the arts and crafts but now they are getting bigger I want to actually take them places, play games and open up their minds to new experiences.

I want to actually learn a new skill, I keep playing with the piano but this year I am determined to progress so I can at least keep ahead of the kids if they choose to learn it.

I have learnt that life is what you make it, all the forward planning in the world cannot always come to fruition as events out of our own control trip us up. I am not going to get to riled when Mr T has to travel for his work, or work late, after all it's his job. Even though it often messes up my plans I have learnt that is life, I am still hoping we can move soon but even if we can't I have learnt to appreciate that I am lucky, I have food to eat, family and friends around me and a warm place to sleep.

Watching Lucy over the last fortnight has shown me how we should cope with adversity, best foot forward, in her case quite literally. Despite her cast she has learnt to get about the house, causing all sorts of mayhem and consternation as she attempts to do things she really shouldn't with a broken leg. Her sunny disposition remains in place and despite the leg she is getting on with life. Having said that I am counting down to Jan 27th when the cast comes off and we will no longer have to contort ourselves into odd positions to bath her without wetting her plaster, have bruises on our knees where she has whacked us with the cast or have to prevent her from trying to stand up!

Happy New Year to you all and hope 2010 brings you happiness.


Leigh Russell said...

Happy New Year, Mel. I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling 2010. Take it one day at a time and go for it!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Mel! x