Sunday, November 15, 2009

Never Forget

Last night was filled with the sound of women baying for blood, the sight of bright sparking sequins and live music. Yes ladies, hold yourselves back for Never Forget a Take That tribute band took to the stage at the Brentwood Courage Hall. I grew up with the take that v East 17 debate and always plumped for Take That and although I did not ring the help line for counselling when they announced they were to be no more I was disappointed. The announcement they were reforming was exciting and now the prospect of Robbie appearing on stage with them is filling me with optimism. Pop anthems that you can sing along to as well as up tempo dance routines, what's not to like.

I have never been lucky enough to go to a Take That gig, when they were around the first time I was too poor and now second time around I was too slow to get tickets so the opportunity to witness a well reviewed tribute band wasn't to be missed. The downside was the panic that set in as I arrived and worried if it would be filled with women tne years my junior making me feel sad and old, I needn't have worried, there was a good range of ages in the audience, all of which were women.

The downside was I felt ill, I was dosed up on paracetomal and so dancing wasn't really on my agenda as my ankles, wrists and chest ached but even I was convinced to join in the fun by friends and the quality of the entertainment. I did have an 'I'm old' moment as I considered the disco a tad too loud but my sore throat was struggling to make even light conversation with the person next to me! My make-up was mainly to hide my paleness and my boots were knee length to hide the bruises my son had managed to give me the previous day. The upside, friends, glitter and good music.

The boys were great, not exactly look alikes for the real thing but not displeasing to the eye and they sounded pretty good, the energy with which they sang, danced and performed the acrobatics was impressive and the mix of songs showcased a great variety of songs. Would I go again? Yes but it definitely more a girly night, I am still awaiting the next tour dates though.


gaelikaa said...

If you can't catch the real thing, tribute bands can be a great substitute....I went to see an Abba Tribute band once and they were almost as good as the real thing!

diney said...

I'm sure they were great, but I was lucky enough to see the real guys during the summer, and it was the most fantastic show - Las Vegas standard! Also, you could hear them, unlike the concert I attended last week with my 10 year old (on my blog) when we couldn't hear a thing the Jonas Brothers sang. Not a word!