Sunday, September 6, 2009

Call yourself a writer meme

First apologies to Tim for taking so long with this, hope it helps some you find out about the creative process.

1. Which words do you use too much in your writing?
which and that

2. Which words do you consider overused in stuff you read?
Anything which a writer is using when they are trying to be clever rather than entertaining.

3. What's your favourite piece of writing by you?
The piece that inspired me to carry on was a poem I write about animals at school and a teacher said it showed promise and that was my spur.

4. Which blog post do you wish you had written?
The ones that have earned their owners a book deal!

5. Regrets. do you have a few? Is there anything you wish you hadn't written?
When I read some of my stuff back I think oh my god but it can always be re-worked.

6. How has your writing made a difference? What do you consider your most important piece of writing?
Good place to vent, explore ideas people wouldn't otherwise consider.

7. Name three favourite words
I love you

8. ....And three words you're not so keen on
Shut up/ wait

9. Do you have a writing mentor, role model or inspiration?
Anything well written, love Terry Pratchet and Stephen King

10.What's your writing ambition?
To make a moderate income from my writing and to evoke emotion when people read what I've Written.


The Dotterel said...

No problems with the wait, Mel - the good things are always worth it! Thanks.

gaelikaa said...

Enjoyable and thought provoking!