Monday, August 17, 2009

A Wonderful Wedding

On Saturday one of my very best friends got married. It was a very emotional day for many reasons as the events leading up to the wedding made it very difficult for her. She looked radiant and every detail was flawless.

I have to say she is a little bit mad though as she asked all of our children to participate in the wedding party! They were dressed in gorgeous gowns for the girls and a cravat and waistcoat for Matthew. They all looked so grown up, it was hard to believe they were really my children. I was privileged to accompany Heather in the princess Rolls Royce, the younger two travelling with their dad who was busy snapping as many pictures as possible as well. When we arrived at the church I marvelled at the younger two as they played on the pavement outside, still clean!

We had to proceed around to the rear entrance of the church, making sure the bride's gown stayed clean we made our way around. Lucy was carried just in case she decided to fall down right in a pile of leaves or something similar. The children were assembled in the right order, headbands on, flowers in hand, and with that and a quick cross of our fingers I, and the other page boys mum escaped to our allocated place in the church.

The music started and Nicky appeared, beautiful, she swished down the aisle, but where were the children, then they appeared, smiling and excited, Lucy was now minus her flowers and headband but made it down the aisle clean, and without falling over. The boys didn't overtake the girls as they had at the rehearsal and they even sat down at the right time. A combination of raisins and a toy kept Lucy quiet during the ceremony and my nightmare about one of them making a noise at the critical moment failed, thankfully, to come true.

Then came the photographs, Lucy spent her first five minutes racing off and dodging the lens but then Heather got her to hold her hand and she stayed put temporarily and even managed to smile. Matthew was a star and took part and mostly did as he was told, other than one tantrum at the reception venue when he was being tucked in for the fiftieth time and wanted to run around rather than stand still.

The reception was lovely, the speeches amusing and the children loved dancing, they also had some amazing fireworks which even Matthew liked. We got home very tired but happy about 1030 and I have to say I was really proud of my children and my friends!


gaelikaa said...

Seems like a great day! I am working on my 'Fabulous Blog Award' post right now on my new blog

Anonymous said...

Wow! sounds wonderful!