Monday, August 10, 2009

Is she really five?

It doesn't seem so long ago that I was sat in a post-natal ward, with a little bundle in a see through plastic cot beside me. I had no idea what to expect, no idea how to deal with crying, nappies and bathing, since then two more little bundles have extended our family. Last Friday Heather reached the giddy height of five, I seem to have blinked and missed it.

She had a lovely day filled with grandparent, godmothers and neighbours. We were expecting an early morning as she had been counting down the sleeps, instead it was past 730 when she woke! She read every single card carefully and her brother and sister were very well behaved as she opened her presents. Surrounding her by the end was an array of crafty things to make, horses, princesses and the new craze for this year Sylvanian Families. (By the way, these things are very small and incredibly fiddly to make up as I found out during the course of the day!) The pinkness of the room was palpable!

She loved seeing all of her grandparents and was thrilled with the charm her godmothers gave her for the special bracelet Mummy has hidden since Christmas, if I hadn't it would have disappeared by now! She has renamed them her fairy godmothers.

With the weather being grey we opted for an indoor play area, something children seem to love but leaves most parents with headaches. Bedtime wasn't until 930 and I had to laugh as she watched some of the video of our Disney holiday.

'Mummy look there's a snake, it's going to get Mickey!'
'Did it get him when you went to see the show?'
'Well then it won't get him now.'
She wasn't convinced and wanted to watch it again to make sure!

Saturday was her party, a joint one with a boy in her class who was five that day, the entertainer was great and managed to keep 35 little ones and their parents occupied with dancing, magic and balloons. Heather finally got to wear her princess dress from Florida and had a great time, there were no tears and at the end everyone seemed to go home happy!

Sunday dawned with sunshine, a rare sight this summer, so after Matthews football session we ventured out to the local farm. True the kids preferred the helter skelter and carousel to the pigs and goats but they had fun, other than both managing to fall over and graze their knees. I think they seem to be having a competition to see who can get the biggest plaster on their knee! The evening brought the wedding rehearsal for Saturday. Matthew was very good, Heather was OK, Lucy however did not want to wait for the bride to proceed she was off, and when she was stopped she squawked like a pterodactyl! Thank goodness it was only the rehearsal. I will be relieved if we manage to get there with them all still in their finery and then even more relieved if they all manage to make it down the aisle, only time will tell!


Leigh Russell said...

Once again your blog brings back memories - Oh, the children's parties we had. It seems a lifetime away now. My first will be 30 in a couple of years... I know everyone says this, but enjoy your children. Enjoy every minute of the time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds so lovely! 'Happy Belated Birthday' to little Heather!

gaelikaa said...

Oh, children grow up too fast. My deliveries seem like only yesterday too, and the eldest is almost fourteen and the youngest is just six. Hope she had a lovely day!