Monday, August 3, 2009

Growing up quickly!

Today I had to take Matthew to get his school uniform ready for September, he will only be there for 2 and a half hours, but it will be every day. He has his shoes already and now he is also kitted out with shorts, tracksuit and polo shirts, only socks to go. I was dreading taking him, given his usual shenanigans around getting dressed I thought that it could be more of a wrestling match! In the end he was a little star, the shop had a box of toys which kept the girls amused allowing me to focus on Matthew, who was told being good would result in a reward, a lollipop shaped reward. The assistant was great at guesstimating Matthews size and it didn't take as long as I was expecting, he was great, straight in and out of the proffered clothes and even admiring himself in the mirror. As I looked at him I realised how quickly he is growing up, blink and a year seems to have passed us by! He smiled at his appearance and seemed proud to be getting his uniform.

Heather's birthday is hurtling towards us at a hurtling pace as Friday looms upon the horizon, and then she will be 5! The party is prepared and the cake is underway, it is pink as Heather wishes and when it is finished it will be a castle. Mr T spent an age rolling out the icing to cover the pace and was proud to show it to Heather this morning, her response 'Is that it? Is there going to be more?' hardly the simpering gratitude he was hoping for, or at least some sense of how clever her Daddy is!

The children seem to be getting the hang of sharing a bedroom now, the actual going to bed is still a bit of a battle ground but we are being spoilt with proper sleep, Matthew has figured out that you don't have to come out of your room screaming at 2 in the morning for a drink, you can simply have the drink left for you in your bedroom and go back to sleep. In the morning he even managed to creep out of the bedroom into ours for his morning drink without waking his sisters and all this at 630-7, a vast improvement on 530!

The holidays seem to be going well, I haven't lost any one yet and still seem to be in possession of at least some of my marbles, helped by some school work and the Jolly Phonics system we are having fun learning as well as playing! I wonder if it will last...


gaelikaa said...

The kids are back at school and I have a little time to myself. You're still going through the holidays. When they go back to school, you get a little space, but a different kind of pressure is on!

Anonymous said...

Awarded you with the 'fabulous blog award'. pls accept it, leave the tag but zccept your Award because I totally love your blog and found you really deserving:)