Monday, February 9, 2009

Strictly Wonderful

Sunday evening saw myself and Heather heading to the o2 arena to see Strictly Come Dancing. My little girl was so excited she could hardly stand still, a big problem in the thirty minute queues for the toilets. Still once we were in the arena having had some tasty fish and chips the countdown began.
I showed her where on my watch the hands needed to go and I was mightily relieved to see the warm up guy appear as he got her dancing and ready for the show to begin. As the lights dimmed and the signature music made the chairs vibrate her face was a picture, she clearly couldn't quite believe what she was seeing. As the judges took their places on the stage her voice became more high pitched as she said;
'It's Len Mummy, Mummy Bruno!'

Then the dancers were introduced and straight away she was rooting for Tom and Camilla. We did manage to munch our way through a family sized bag of smarties during the first half, and although it was past her bedtime and she was flagging a little, she still managed to join in with all the clapping,cheering and booing (for Craig!)
The show was brilliant, the dancing fantastic and the atmosphere electric, we were both a little sorry when it was time to go home. The evening was a treat for both of us, great quality time together and she was so well behaved throughout I was amazed.

The other treat we had yesterday was the return of Mr T, we managed to share a hug just before zooming off to the o2, and all the way there Heather kept saying
'It's a real treat to see Daddy before I go isn't it Mummy.'
It is a shame you can't bottle emotions as I would have loved to capture the joy and excitement of yesterday and keep it with me for harder times, at least I will always have the pictures of her little face lighting up like a sunshine in my memory.

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