Monday, May 16, 2011

Testing Times

The children all seem to be having fairly 'big' birthdays this year in the sense that they are sometimes considered milestones. Lucy reached the age of three and seems to be rapidly progressing to little madam after toddlerhood, still caught in between wanting to sing nursery rhymes and wanting to dance around to the latest tunes booming out of her sisters ipod.

Matthew turns five in less than three week (eek!) Traditionally this used to mark the beginning of going to school, now that tends to happen at 4 but even so five seems to be one of those birthdays! Heather will reach the grand old age of seven in just a couple of months and this too is a landmark, her last birthday before she reaches junior school. They all seem to be growing up so quickly and as the exam season begins it reminds me of all those years that have seem to have slipped by without me noticing.

Having said that the kids also seem to be doing their best to drive me mad, I think lots of bank holidays and excitement haven't helped but there has been a definite deterioration in behaviour, the volume in the house has risen considerably as has the amount of time the children have spent in their beds, time out or avoiding me because they know they have done something they shouldn't have!

Lucy's favourite trick at the moment is to scream as loudly as possible as soon as you say no, the others irritate her or she wants you to do something for her, usually picking her up. Mathew was in trouble for the first time proper at school last week and I had to speak to the teacher, he did have the sense to look chastened but even so I was still not happy and Heather seems to be practicing to be a teenager, ignoring us of having a strop. When asked to do something she thinks is beneath her she sighs 'fine!' and flounces off, we haven't quite had the slamming bedroom door but I am sure it is not too far away.

Bizarrely at other times they seem to be model children, helping each other out and playing together nicely. All I know is at the moment I have days where I feel like locking the doors and running away as fast as I can and others where I count my lucky stars to have such wonderful kids, I am hoping that we come out of these awkward phases soon as half term is approaching rapidly and June is very busy with events at school and home.

On a more positive note Heather lost both her two front teeth this weekend and is now sporting the typical kids look with a big gappy smile. Matthew is desperate to catch her up and has started trying to wobble his teeth but is frustrated to find they are still stuck fast, and probably will be for the next couple of years.

Anyway I am off to look for my sanity and patience, I am sure they are around here somewhere.


Deana said...

It sounds like your household is much like mine...except I only have two children, but the door slamming has already started with my soon-to-be seven year old daughter. She thinks she's sixteen. As frustrating as it is, it's nice to know I don't go through this journey alone. Other mothers want to pull their hair out and run away some of the time too:)

Jennifer Shirk said...

I'm sure your sanity and patience is where I left mine. Somewhere. LOL