Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow Joke

As most people in the UK will tell you last week wasn't much fun. In our corner of England it snowed heavily on Monday night but our school was proclaiming itself open. Mr T kindly went and dug us a hole so we could get down the driveway and swept the snow off of the top of the car. Off we went as a cool 5mph on the silent and eerie roads. Well silent until we got a few years down the road and encountered kids having a snowball fight having been turned away from their school which had decided to close.

Our road which is lane leads out onto a hill, we are at the top and could see lots of queueing traffic, probably due to the school closing, as a result we decided to take the side roads to come out away from the school. Everywhere we went we saw cars stuck in the drifts being pushed or dug out,by the time we finally got to the main road we found cars slipping and sliding up and down the hill as it hadn't been gritted. I was grateful to be in the 4x4, however loathed they may be.

By the time we were halfway to school we received a call to say everyone was being turned away and the school was closing so we made our way home. The kids weren't too disappointed and one snowman later they were pleased to be in the warm house. The next few days resulted in more snow and ice and more school closures so Mr T was able to get into work using the car.

By the time school reopened on Friday I was ready to take them, stuck in for most of the time due to their reluctance to go and get cold they had spent much of the time bickering and moaning, even the distraction of putting a Christmas tree up and decorating their rooms had failed to stop the moaning. Friday wasn't too bad and I was relieved to see the kids go in. They were excited as they didn't have to wear uniform and the school looked rather different with its white blanket. My biggest regret is that I have still failed to get a sledge and everywhere is now sold out, I am determined to try and procure one before the New Year as if we do get any more snow I want to be prepared!

Christmas preparations are now in full swing, cards have been written and posted, presents wrapped and tagged and the school play takes place on Wednesday! It is kind of nice as you drive or walk around and see the twinkling Christmas lights on the houses and the snow adds to the wintery picture but all in all I'd rather it went away now, at least until the end of term!

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