Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday Morning Horror Show

I am glad the end of the week is approaching as already this one has seemed rather long. Poor little Heather really didn't want to go to school on Monday, after what had happened on Friday she was embarrassed and worried that her friends wouldn't want to be near her and my reassurances were not helping.
After half an hour of crying and excuses, which were really rather inventive I finally managed to get her into the car. All the way there she kept repeating 'Please don't make me go to school.' If I am honest I really did consider turning the car around and taking her home, but I knew that if I did it would only create a dangerous precedent and make it harder to get her to go the next day, and so on.
Once there, late due to all the convincing I had had to do I had to take her in the front door as the gate was closed, again a shame as I had hoped that we would meet one of her class mates on the way in, she would see everything was the same as it was before her accident and then she would be OK.
Luckily the head took her down and talked to her and she settled. I remained hovering by the door, just in case Heather made a run for it at the last minute. When the head returned she called me into her office, I felt like I was going to be in trouble, I wonder if that feeling ever leaves. Just the way she said 'Mrs Trevelyan made me feel like I was a naughty school girl. In the end she just reassured me that Heather had gone into class fine and she would call me if there was a problem later in the day.
At 315 Heather came out beaming with an invitation to play at another child's house and so now peace and harmony has been restored into the morning routine. Thank goodness as I am not sure my nerves, or mascara can take many morning like that.