Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chrsitmas Holidays are here

It hasn't seemed like five minutes since I last posted but of course time is galloping away. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed both of the children's Christmas performances. Matthew was an excellent Joseph and Heather performed Knees up Bethlehem with real gusto.

Their last week was filled with parties and fun things at school and term came to a close last Friday. One rather embarrassing event happened on the Wednesday. Matthew was invited to play at one of his new class mates houses. He was very excited, and became even more so when he was granted permission to ride with his very best friends car. There were quite a few of us going is I followed them when they parked on the grass across from the house. Big mistake! The car, thanks to all the recent rain became rather embedded in the mud, I wasn't going anywhere and the back wheels were not doing much to help, just as I feared I would be reduced to calling for a tow truck one of the other mums appeared behind the car and pushed... and pushed... and pushed. Eventually I escaped from the mud and luckily I did not suddenly shoot forward rendering my saviour in the mud and nor did anything but her shoes get covered in mud. The children played together beautifully and the house was terrific but I feared leaving, luckily I found a more stable piece of lawn to go over and managed to escape. The handling was rather light and I now know what it is to drive a character with the thud, thud thud of the mud clods falling onto the road as well as the give away wheel tracks behind me.

Still now the holidays are upon us, yesterday we decorated, (and ate) some gingerbread biscuits and the children did some festive colouring in, today we have lounged about and had a visit from a friend and tomorrow is errands day, then the excitement hots up. On Thursday we are off to Lapland UK to see Father Christmas and the elves and on Friday we go to Centreparcs for a long weekend.

Over the weekend we managed to get to a Christingle service, it is wonderful for the children and they loved collecting their decorated oranges and having them lit as they sand away in a manger, even I am beginning to feel a bit Christmassy now.

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