Monday, September 28, 2009

Beautiful evening in Cambridge

I don't say this often enough but on Saturday I was really proud of all my children. It was Uncle Simon's birthday and we had arranged to meet up with Mr T's family for a celebration of this event. Following the usual football and dancing shenanigans and errand running, myself and the children awaited the return of Mr T who had gone to pick up his brand new car.

This caused great excitement when he returned and the children took turns hopping in and out of the luxurious leather seats, Heather was thrilled when Mr T put the roof up and is convinced that it is magic! After packing my own car up we were off down the M11, first to visit Grandma and Grandpa. We spent a charming afternoon there wandering down to some springs. The children in wellies took great delight in splashing around the water and even dared themselves to cross the slipper stepping stones with Daddy and Grandpa escorting them. Lucy also loved going in there. Then we went to the park where they climbed, slid and swung their way around the place, we even managed to spot a horse and went to say hello.

Then it was back to Grandma and Grandpa's house, a quick change into more presentable clothes and a trowel to make Mummy look more human and off we went on the drive to Cambridge. As soon as you drive into the town and start to see the cycle paths beside you and the park and ride buses you feel the buzz in the atmosphere. Most city centres are awash with activity on Saturday evenings, as the shops empty restaurants, theatres and pubs begin to fill up. As I struggled to park the car on a busy side street, succeeding eventually we piled out. Near us were several historic buildings, the wide gutters and cobbles reminding us of Cambridge's collegiate history and its beginnings as a market towns. The students weren't around, university doesn't begin until next week and then there will be all sorts of fresher high jinx!

We ended up at Pizza Express which the children (and the adults,) loved. The meal was convivial and as we walked back through the cool evening air to the car, past the hotel where our wedding reception was and back to the car the children listened to what they were told and walked nicely. Throughout the meal they had sat nicely, chatting to the relatives, and here is my tip, buy them a magazine to last in between ordering the meal and its arrival, all three were so busy stickering or pointing to pictures of the characters that time passed us by without a hitch. They ate nicely and didn't make pests of themselves in the restaurant and as I sat watching them I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride, they were my children and were setting a great example!


The Dotterel said...

I love Cambridge, too. It all speaks of a different world (one I've seen 'backstage' so-to-speak!) which is in many ways so far removed from reality that they ought to slap a preservation order on it right away.

gaelikaa said...

It' great when the kids make you proud. And sometimes embarrassing when they don't....