Monday, April 20, 2009

Holidays are finished so why am I so busy?

Well Wednesday saw the end of the Easter holidays for Heather, you would think that would mean that Mummy, who has been working hard to entertain the troops would get some relief, especially as Daddy was home. Sadly this was not the case, in between coordinating where the various children needed to be where and allowing them time with their Dad.

Today normal routine re-asserted itself! Heather was at school, Matthew was at pre-school and Lucy was bumbling around at home, falling over and off of things as usual. Only...

At half past eleven I had to go back to the school to help the dance teacher, it was my first time and I can confess to being a little nervous, I have no idea why being as I used to be a teacher and I wasn't even in charge of this lot! Heather was delighted to see me and beamed her way through and it was great to be a fly on the wall for a bit. What was lovely was at the end having tied several show laces, reunited several lost socks with their owners and escorted someone to the toilet I was thanked! I was embarrassed having parked my bottom on a squeaky plastic chair for most of the time and two little boys even gave me a hug!

Then I had to take Lucy to the nurse for her final dose of men c Jab, poor little love has the MMR in June. Anyway I had steeled myself for the trauma that was to follow. We were called in and the little red book handed over so all the relevant data could be recorded and the appointment for the next jab made!

The needle was poised and coming closer, I resisted the urge to run away with Lucy, or hold her so tight that the pain caused by the injection was negated by my grip!
'She'll make loads of noise' I warned the nurse and she smiled, used to the warning at this time on a Monday afternoon!
Lucy insisted on watching the needle all the way in. I prepared myself but not a sound escaped her lips, she gave the nurse a look as if to say 'that hurt' and then that was it. She turned back towards me and I gave her a cuddle and she was fine, off we went in the sunshine to collect her sister from school.

Tomorrow Heather has class photos, my aim will be to ensure that she leaves the house wearing the right uniform, the right way round and with no stains, at least until after the photograph and with fingers crossed that she doesn't pull that silly face she does when she is showing off, but instead smiles as sweetly as possible and dazzles us with her breathtaking beauty.

I am valiantly setting myself writing targets, I have even installed a task manager application onto my iphone in order to try and ensure that I keep up to date with everything. I have managed to complete one task, I have arranged Heather's 5th (how can she possibly be as old as that already?) with the entertainer she simply had to have. I have even managed to book Matthews 4th birthday party, pretty impressive considering he isn't even three yet!

Now for a well earned rest, at least until the morning comes!

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Maternal Tales said...

I am so annoyed - I have been trying for about the last half an hour to add you to my blog list. You were there already but under joys of everylife instead and the list wasn't updating. Anyway, I've put in your current address and it keeps taking me back to the one before. Oooh. Frustrating. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that because I want to follow and your blog...

Anyway, on to your post...How brave was Lucy? It's often the thought that is more terrifying! Good luck with the party. SOunds liek you've got your hands full!