Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The mirror effect

I often wonder how my children take in when I talk to them, sometimes it seems as if I would get more response from a dead fish!
Yesterday however proved just how much Heather has digested.
After dinner in our house is tidying up time, toys are returned to the room from whence they came, books are fished out from under the sofa and placed back on the bookshelf and discarded clothes find their way to the washing basket. Since going to school Heather has become quite good at tidying up just about everything except her own bedroom, enter at your own risk!
Anyway intent on the washing up I was interrupted by Heather holding up a bag;
'Whose is this?' she asked brandishing a gym bag in my direction, hand on hip.
'daddy's' I answered.
'Well why hasn't he taken it upstairs yet?' she asked.
'Um.. he's been busy' was my rather pathetic attempt at diversion, 'Why don't you take it up to our bedroom for him.'
'Mummy, Daddy has to learn to tidy up for himself. If I have to tidy up every day so does he, he's left it there since Sunday. I'll put it on the stairs so that when he comes home he'll see it and that'll remind him to tidy up.'
I really couldn't argue with her logic so on the stairs it went.

Today is book day, some parents love it and others hate it. This year was OK, the theme was The Jolly Postman so Heather chose the witch, handy as that was what she was at Halloween and we still had the costume in the cupboard. A little green make-up, a magic wand and a cuddly cat later and a witch is born. Next year there will be two of them to dress up -eek!

I have now finally put pen to paper and begun work on my second novel. OK it is only 1300 words so far but every book has to start somewhere, as they say I've started so I'll finish... It's the journey to the conclusion that I'm worried about.

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